Private Residence, South Columbus, Georgia

We were asked by a young couple  to come investigate  their house. They had been hearing movement and strange sounds at night.

They were uncomfortable with what was happening but became frightened when they brought their screaming 2yr old daughter into their bedroom one night and something unseen attempted to snatch the child from the father’s arms.

There was some emf issues that needed to be checked out but video  and pictures didn’t capture anything out of the ordinary.

However , we did record some interesting evps.

This is one of the first. Our investigator, Louise , gets a response to her question get out

The basement in the house was flooded and  investigator Cecelia commented on it. Apparently something agreed with her . A whisper come in at about 14 sec in.:flooded clip

The original owners of the property were retired military, So Louise began a conversation about being retired from the military and got a response:my husband in military clip It sounded as though the spirit was asking “is he dead?”

Louise asks for a name And it sounds like she got an answer. listen at about 2 sec. in  :keneth

listen to the whispered response after you hear the dog bark:contact with anyone clip

There is definitely something going on but we were not able to discover what was doing it.

Case is still open and pending a return investigation.