Lee County Correctional Facility

The Bi City Paranormal Research team received a report that several of the correctional officers at the Lee County jail had experienced strange phenomena during their nightly rounds.

They had heard sounds of people moving around, the elevators would move between floors and open randomly and some personnel had even seen full body apparitions.

One of the officers is a member of our team and arranged for us to go in after hours and investigate overnight.

We could not go into the primary active jail for safety reasons, but we were able to go into an older part of the facility that was being renovated while we were there.

We went in after hours and set up and the atmosphere in, what was at one time, the holding area for the jail, was very thick and heavy.

One of our investigators acted as though she was a nurse who works at the jail.

She went to each cell in the holding area and questioned supposed inmates in the cells.

She did get a reaction. About 3 second in the jail cell moves.