Welcome to Bi-City Paranormal

BCPR is a, non-profit, scientific paranormal research team which helps the public who might be experiencing paranormal activity or just have questions about possible paranormal activity in their home or business. We are completely non-profit but do accept donations to offset our operating costs such as website hosting and maintenance, equipment and gear for investigations, and long distance travel.

What does BCPR do?

We investigate and document reports of ghosts, and paranormal activity in parts of Alabama and Georgia using scientific methods and electronic equipment to rule out natural causes for reported phenomena.

We help people understand and cope with possible paranormal activity in their homes or businesses by providing them with reliable investigative evidence, guidance, and support.

We use the most up-to-date audio, video and surveillance equipment to document our investigations, and we constantly exchange ideas and information with other nationally recognized paranormal investigation teams in a continuing effort to improve our investigation techniques and remain at the forefront of paranormal research.