Private Residence, Heritage Way, Dallas, Georgia

The team received a request to investigate a home in Dallas Georgia.

Our client reported whispering in her ear , large white or yellow-orange orbs  above her bed at night and a loud banging on the closet door. She also heard her name being called  and had even been poked.  She became very alarmed by the activity and contacted us.

We arrived at the location ,the evening of  February 13th and set up our equipment.

An E.M.F. sweep of the rooms did reveal high Emf around the clock radios on both sides of the bed in the master bedroom. We advised the client to move these items away from the side of the beds .

Early in the evening investigators Louise  ,Cecelia and the client entered a spare bedroom to conduct an E.V.P session. During the session a step ladder leaning against the wall made a loud banging sound as though it had been pulled forward and allowed to hit the wall.  We checked the ladder and recreated the sound by pulling the ladder from the wall and letting it fall back. We did catch the ladder movement on the video cameras. If you  watch  the video carefully ,you will see the ladder shift. The sound from the audio recording was added to the video to highlight the sound made .

Louise asks something to repeat the sound she is making. She hurt her hand knocking. Listen to the sound on the audio ,right after she says “ouch”

Jan Reported hearing a “blowing” sound and we were able to capture the sound on the recording.