Private Residence , Summerville Road, Phenix City, Alabama

The family living in the home was experiencing unexplainable sounds  and voices . The wife had heard her name called, there was a strange  scratching noise, and  shadows were seen moving through the house.

The house was built about 1910  and seemed to have no  violent history attached to it; however the house was being remodeled.

We didn’t get anything on video or pictures but the ghost box sessions conducted  in the master bedroom had some interesting results.  We did conduct another ghost box session in the living room and the K2 meter did light up but didn’t seem to have anything to do with the  questions being asked

Session one :  A voice asks “what’s in the box?” another voice says “answers”

Session three: “Are you a relative?”

Session four : the wife asks ” do you know who I am?” There seems to be an answer

Session five: The wife asks if the spirit is Larry ( a deceased cousin)

We did find a stray cat in the attic to explain the scratching noises but were unable to document or disprove other claims.  If activity does continue a future investigation will commence on a more aggressive level.