Private Residence Off Crawford Road, Phenix City, Alabama

A Phenix City man and his wife began to notice odd occurrences in their home. Even though they have lived there for several years, it was only in the last couple of years that anything happened.

At first they attributed the events to absent mindedness or other causes and didn’t pay much attention. 

The door bell would ring at different times and no one was there and at other times, objects would disappear and reappear in odd places, while at times the porch furniture would be rearranged and the dogs followed something in the house, with their eyes. 

They became concerned, when the dogs seemed to be frightened. They knew something strange was definitely going on, when they returned home and found one of the living room chairs turned 90 degrees from it’s original position. The house had been locked up and no one had been there.

this is the chair that was turned

this is the chair that was turned

( picture submitted by owner of residence)


Bart, Louise and Cecelia went to the house and set up, to do an investigation.

During a discussion about the events in the house, we discovered that the timing of the activity in the house coincided with the death of the original owner and the start of major remodeling.

We concentrated on speaking to (Jim) The former owner.

We did seem to get responses on the EMF meter and on audio ,when we asked about the remodeling of the home.

We asked about the remodel again to confirm the response

It sounds as though the spirit is pleased by the communication

We did do an EMF sweep of the residence and found only spikes in one wall that had power lines running through it.

The ghost box session was conducted in the middle of the living room.

No EMF spikes were detected before the session and cell phones were off.

Video was also recorded but no visual anomalies were found.