Private Residence, Mobley Walk, Columbus, Georgia

The house was built in 2005 and is situated in a relatively new sub-division in Columbus, Georgia.  Our researcher found the deeded  history for the land.  It had been owned by one family since 1882,  until it was sold to developers in the early 2000’s .

We were greeted outside the home by our client, and we were introduced to some neighbors, who were out walking their dog.  The neighbors told us of activity in their home and we wondered how many other homes in the neighborhood are also experiencing some type of paranormal activity.

The reported activity included  locked windows being opened, strange noises and people being touched.  The two dogs in the home have also reacted to the activity with staring in various directions and growling at times seemingly nothing.

The first video shows an orb forming behind the bed post

Same orb, slowed down

Another strong orb

We did capture some interesting audio.

1.  This recording is interesting for two reasons.  The recorder generally sounds clear and quiet but a strange static sound appeared in response to a direct question.  The strange static happened several times during the investigation.  The Ovilus also responded on this and many similar occasions as well.

2.  This clip was recorded during a ghost box session.

3.  This was also recorded during a ghost box session and seems to give a name.

4.   A clip was recorded outside the residence and seems to give an answer.   The response was amplified because it was a faint whisper.

5.  Here is another clip that has a static pulse, after the question but then seems to have a response.