Private Residence in Phenix City, Alabama

Thursday, 23 August, 2018

We responded very quickly to a family who lives in a home where children were being constantly bothered and harassed by an unseen force.

They reported that their youngest child was afraid of seeing multiple apparitions at times. He told his parents that he saw a Shadowy winged man wearing sandals, standing at the end of the hall near the stairs leading to an upper floor. He was afraid to stay in his bedroom at night, and would wake up screaming. He only experienced this problem in the home and never when staying away from home. When he spent the night elsewhere, his sleep was peaceful and uninterrupted. The older children and father also reported seeing moving shadows periodically. Everyone in the house was on edge and had an uneasy feeling about staying there.

We arrived at the home and were greeted by the owners. It was a house that had the bottom floor converted to a downstairs apartment, turning it into a split-level home. Upon entering the apartment area, the more sensitive of our team members, picked up on heavy E.M.F.s. All our meters continually flashed during our time at the residence.

We conducted audio recording sessions in all of the downstairs rooms. Here are some of the results. You will have to listen several times to some of the clips, because the words or phrases play very fast.

Between 4 and 5 seconds into this clip, you can faintly hear someone speaking. It wasn’t any of us. Turn volume up.

In both the children’s playroom and their bedroom, the team experienced temperature drops. We used an E.D.I. meter (the device logs temperature , air pressure, E.M.F. and movement activity.) We set the unit to display temperature changes. We began to notice that the temperature in the room was dropping. The temperature drops happened after the air conditioner had been off for a while, so we searched for possible causes. We checked for drafts at windows and doors to no avail. It was above 90 degrees and very muggy outside, so it was doubtful that is was coming from outside. Unable to find a physical cause, we asked if any spirits in the room were dropping the temperature and could they drop it down to a specific temperature. The meter registered a drop in temperature and would stop at the requested reading. This happened several times in each room. The temperature dropped between 2 to 4 degrees in each room. After we finished, the reading returned to a steady 73.5 degree and stayed there. Unfortunately, the D.V.R. static cameras were not pointed at the E.D.I. so we didn’t get an actual video recording of the events. We did capture the reaction of team members to the temperature variations.

The house appeared to be very active. We are certain that the high E.M.F. reading contributed to the overall creepy feeling and other reactions that different people experience when reacting to a fear cage / fun house type atmosphere. We would like to return after the wiring in the house has been professionally inspected, checked and corrected to reduce E.M.F. It would be interesting to learn if the high electromagnetic field was attracting wandering or nomadic spirits to the home or if there is another explanation.