Private Residence, Phenix City, Alabama

A  Phenix City women and her family were experiencing odd occurrences  at their home.

At night they could hear  what sounded like the dining room chairs scraping across the floor as if  they were being moved, only to find nothing out of place in the morning.

There was the sound of footsteps overhead ( it is only  a single story home with just a crawl space in the attic).

They did have some items that were moved to a different location and everyone experienced the feeing of being watched.


Our team investigated the entire property from top to bottom coming up with explanations that could help to dispel parts of what the family were experiencing due to old faulty and exposed wiring creating an artificial emf environment effecting each family member differently.

Our cameras captured mainly dust orbs, particles and bugs and the evp sessions both with and without using the ghostbox didn’t land any special or direct responses.

Our final conclusion and recommendations to the family were they were experiencing artificial manifestations due to the current state of the home.  We did supply them with our recommendations on how to remedy the existing things to fix and hope they took our advice.

We have not heard of continuing activity in the home to date and hope that was their final resolution.