Private Residence in McDonough, Georgia

Ray, a longtime friend of the team, called us to investigate a home in McDonough, Georgia. He is acquainted with the homeowners whom indicated that there has been many odd happenings in their home.

The owners would hear things drop but could not find anything in the house that had fallen out of place.

A hair dryer in the master bathroom turned on by itself, while a mirror was ripped off of the upstairs office wall and they would hear banging on the outside doors yett no one was there.

The Halloween eve of 2019 had increased banging on the doors and the homeowners assumed that it was pranksters, but it continued until late into the night and no one could be found anywhere near the house.

They also caught glimpses of moving shadows in their peripheral vision.

We didn’t catch video evidence, but there were some interesting EVP’s and some temperature drops.

One area of activity was in the master bedroom closet.

There was a sudden 7 degree drop in temperature and Bart was touched.

Here is a clip of the closet video:

Here is an enhanced audio from the closet:

We did pick up some unusual sounds on the recorder

Seems to be a response to “Do you know that you are dead?”

Before you hear Bart say “Any farmers?” there is a low voice in the background.


There is a singsong voice at the beginning.