Old Business Building on Main Street in Greenwood, South Carolina

Tuesday, 26 May, 2020

One of the older buildings on Main Street in Greenwood, South Carolina was renovated and is  now used as an office building.

The owner  of the property  salvaged most of the original architectural material from the building and used it on rebuilding the structure.

Much of the original wood was reused and a vintage three-story Coca Cola advertisement was left on the brick wall .

The top floor held offices and a meeting room.


The main floor is very large and used as the entrance from Main Street.

Back end of main floor with a small room at the end and is a back door.

 The basement of the building had been used as a garage and previous history was also used as a buggy repair place.

There was evidence of stalls and troughs in the basement.

It appeared to have been built on what had formerly been the tracks for the town railroad station.


A local group of Paranormal investigators had documented activity in the building next store.

We went there in August of 2019 to see if there was activity in this building.

We set up in the upstairs conference room.

We recorded several audio sessions but did not get any activity until we mentioned coffee and asked if anyone wanted to join us.

The K2 meter started to flash all the way to red.

We conducted several recordings in the basement and did not capture any results until Cynthia came up with the idea of playing songs related to railroad workers.

The video does show the K2 meter lighting up but unfortunately wasn’t close enough to get a good view.

It steadily flashed during the songs and we were of the opinion that the spirits of the “Gandy Dancers (rail road workers) from the turn of the century responded.

It continued until we stopped playing the songs.

We did pick up a shadow from a column in the basement but couldn’t determine if it was discoloration or something else?


The recorders did pick up some strange sounds.

There is a singsong voice in the background.

There is a loud voice that breaks in.

The frequency scanner was still scanning frequencies at a slow rate but didn’t stop.

There is singing in the background. 

There is a voice that breaks in.