Private Residence, Candler Court, McDonough,Georgia

Over the years, McDonough, Georgia has had numerous reports of paranormal activity.  When our team received a request to investigate a private residence in McDonough, we were excited about going.

Brief History…..

The home is only about a mile and a half from the site of the 1900 Camp Creek train wreck in which 39 people were killed and sadly there were no bodies recovered from this tragedy. The residence is built on a former cotton field attached to a plantation that had experienced a Civil war skirmish when the plantation house was seized by the Union army.  The property owner had the house built in the 1980’s and had lived there for several years.  He moved and it remained empty until the owner rented the property close to two years ago.

Activity reports….

While residing in the home, the landlord had experienced the sound of voices, movement of articles and even a slap in the face by unseen forces.

The current renters are also experiencing similar occurrences however they claim to be victimized by violent acts and physicality’s such as being thrown across a room into a fixed piece of furniture headlining some lessor acts of aggression.

We arrived at 8pm on December 12th and spoke to all the affected parties while also setting up our gear of audio and video devices strategically set up around to cover the entire inside of the residence.

The owner, Bart and Cecelia went out into a large wooded area, in back of the home and investigated the site of some stone mounds and an area of three very old trees that was rumored to be the site of some satanic rituals. We conducted some E.V.P. sessions. Listen to the unidentified bang at 4 seconds in and a whisper at 11 seconds in.


Bart And Cecelia And Bill In Forest Around Three Connected Trees Area 12-12-14 clip

We did conduct several E.V.P sessions in several rooms but our spirit box session  in one small bedroom, revealed several responses to our questions.

Listen in at 10 seconds and at 14 seconds to replies.


An answer to Bart’s question.

McDonough 2

Landlord asks a questions and at 5 seconds in it sounds like ‘Yessir’.


It seems you can hear the comment at 11 seconds in.  Turn your volume down a little for this one.

McDonough 4

Listen to the replies at 3 seconds and at 7 seconds.

McDonough 5

Cecelia asks “Can you growl now?” and at 3 seconds in a female replies “He’s an Oga”.  This one was included because it was such an odd word and we curious and looked up “Oga” and it turns out that it means “Boss” in Igbo  (a language spoken in Nigeria).  It seemed to fit so we included it in with the other results.


Tanya asks “How many people are in here?” at 3 seconds in a faint “5 ” is heard.


Just listen.


Bart asks “Were you ever in human form?”.  There are a few unidentifiable sounds and then at the end of the clip a faint “Yes”.


Question was “How did you die?”.  It seems to say “Railroad”


The next 2 clips are between Tanya and whoever answered her.



Cecelia asks “Are you going to stay here?” Here is the reply.


There were more audio clips but these were clearest sounding of the bunch.

Unfortunately , we didn’t capture anything on pictures or video which isn’t shocking as it falls in line with a few theories that we had with this case.