Private Residence, Located Somewhere Off Veterans Parkway, Columbus, Georgia

The team was asked to investigate multiple types of activity at a private home in Columbus, Georgia.  All members of the family reported seeing apparitions and were hearing unidentified whispered voices in addition to a few family members smelling various odors including smoke, scents and others unidentified.

The young children were being frightened by the activity and their father was concerned for their safety.  The Bi-City team arrived at the home on the evening of March 21, 2015 and set up their gear throughout the entire property. Two new team members joined us for their first investigation.

We took numerous pictures, ran 4 IR cameras on the DVR system, and used hand held full spectrum video cameras, we caught virtually nothing on video.

We are posting 2 orb videos taken during the evening because they coincided with personal activity reported by the team members during an EVP session

an orb passes quickly by the head of our investigator near the end of the video

An orb floats out of the bathroom



Louise picked up on a presence of a little girl spirit. Tanya , Louise and Amanda attempt to communicate.

The family has reported that the little girl has been heard in the house

little girl

Louise asks if the spirit is connected to Louie, then you hear a whispered response. The buzzing occurred periodically on our recordings.  ‘Origin unknown.’


We used a spirit box.  Bart asked the entities to help us help them.  At the end of the clip, it sounds like “teach us”

help you

The homeowner tells Bart about some items in his house brought in by his grandfather.  He tells Bart that his grandfather got them in France.  You can hear a voice on the ghost box, shout “France”

ghostbox response 3

It sounds as though the reply to the question is “I will ask”

ghostbox response2

Sounds as though someone is asking for Louie