Private Residence, Tallassee Street, Dadeville, Alabama

Digital Camera


Our team was contacted by a woman who  had recently moved back to her childhood home after her father passed away. The house required some renovations and modern updating.  She was in the early stages of the planning phase when odd sounds began waking her up at night.  She could hear multiple voices at times and the noises occurred around the same time frame each evening which frightened her enough to contact us.

We arrived at her location within a few weeks time and our team took normal base readings, photographs, interviews and other pre-investigation set up.

We set up cameras and voice recorders all through the house . Our E.M.F. sweeps did indicated some electrical hotspots in the home  and the homeowner has made arrangements to take care of that issue.

Our team collected hours of data and this is what we found…..

The first recording is a clip from a ghost box session. Bart asks a question and seems to get an answer. Listen closely at 6 secs in.

Video of orb in living room during the ghost box session

ghost box session clip 2

Another orb. I would have discounted this as dust but it changes directions. and no air conditioning was on at the time and no one was stirring.

another recording clip.

During this video, the camera is blocked for a few seconds but it doesn’t look like the person standing next to the camera


audio clip4


orbs at piano

orbs at piano

large orb on bed

large orb on bed